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– Sign up using the form at the bottom of this page, or call us at (209)565-2372.

– Come in for your free session when it is convenient for YOU.

– Meet the coaches and athletes.

– Get a great workout, scaled to your ability level.

– Find out what this crazy CrossFit thing is all about.

– Make an educated decision that could change your life forever!

Choose your program!

Option #1 – CrossFit Lite

– “CrossFit Lite” is the solution for those that might not be interested in all of the weight lifting that is incorporated in traditional CrossFit.

– All the fun of CrossFit, without all of the heavy lifting!

– Dumbbells, Kettlebells, and all other equipment provided.

– No barbells.

– No CrossFit Foundations required (or any other fitness experience for that matter)!

– Cheapest and easiest way to start CrossFit!

– $100 per month, training 3x per week.

– A great way to transition from bootcamp classes to CrossFit!

– After your 6 week program, you can either stay in CrossFit Lite, or transition directly into an unlimited CrossFit membership and gain access to all of our standard CrossFit classes.

Option #2 – CrossFit Foundations

– CrossFit Foundations is four 90 minute training sessions with one of our awesome coaches (required if you want to go directly into our standard CrossFit classes).

– Start your fitness education by learning how to move and lift properly.

– Avoid potential injury by learning proper technique.

– Get training tailored to you, whether you are a seasoned athlete or just getting started.

– Been doing CrossFit for a while? Test out of CrossFit Foundations to prove that you know your stuff!

Unlimited Training

– Change your life!

– Our unlimited memberships include access to all of our classes, as well as all of our coaches.

– For a fraction of the cost of personal training, we will program for you, motivate you, keep you safe, and teach you how to make real, meaningful change.

– Learn how to fuel your body with nutrition counseling.

– Become a part of the CrossFit Community with events, seminars, competitions, and even social gatherings!

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit, redefining beauty.

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