About Us

CrossFit ParaBellumWelcome to CrossFit ParaBellum. What is CrossFit ParaBellum? On our logo you will see the Latin phrase, “si vis pacem, parabellum” This translates to: “if you want peace, prepare for war”. Sounds serious, right? Well it is, and it’s not. While we may not all be preparing to go into battle, it is our belief that we should all be ready for whatever lies ahead. We have had clients train with us in preparation for entering BUD’s in order to become a Navy Seal, and we have people who just want to move more, feel better, and lower their diabetes medication. Everyone from members of elite military units, police, and firefighters, to competitive athletes looking for more performance, to the average person just looking to loose some weight, or get in better shape than they have ever been in, can benefit from CrossFit.

Here at CrossFit ParaBellum, it is our duty to help each and every one of our clients do several things. First, we want to educate people about fitness, and what is real fitness. Second, we help people understand what changes they can make in their own life to obtain real fitness, this includes proper exercise, nutrition, and recovery. Third, we will keep you motivated and accountable. Motivation and accountability are key to being successful at any venture. Fourth, we will teach you how to push your body to do things you probably never thought were possible. All in a safe, fun, supportive environment that puts a smile on your face. If you aren’t smiling when you leave, we are doing something wrong.
Scott and ReNee Sedgwick started the journey to opening Crossfit ParaBellum way back in 2007. As a full time firefighter, Scott was tired of the same old routine every day in the gym. Looking for something new and different, he found CrossFit. Once he tried it for the first time, he was hooked. Since then, he has never looked back. In the summer of 2008, after a very difficult pregnancy, ReNee was struggling to lose weight, and finally conceded to try this crazy new thing Scott had been raving about. About 6 months and 60 pounds later, They started talking about opening their own CrossFit Box and sharing the dream with others.

ReNee, August '08 and August'09

On June 1st, 2009 OnFire CrossTraining was Born, and after about 4 months of great training, OnFire Crosstraining became CrossFit ParaBellum, an official CrossFit Affiliate.
With only the most effective equipment, and top quality coaching for every workout, CrossFit ParaBellum can  help you achieve results quickly, for a reasonable price, while having a great time in a great atmosphere. No matter what your current level of fitness, or what your personal goals happen to be, let us get you there!