Dan and Donna Burch, before and after CrossFit!

Dan Burch, 12-29-10

CrossFit changed my life for the better. It’s difficult to explain to others how CF is not “just a workout” and a CF box is not “just a gym”. To me CrossFit is a choice, a choice to be more self reliant, more self confident, and much less self-effacing . Donna, Sam and I have always been close and our shared experience with CrossFit has brought us even closer. CF has changed me in more ways than I could possibly describe or recount. However if I tried I’d say CrossFit has radically changed my health, mental outlook, nutrition, relationships, hobbies (not to mention vacation plans), values and mindset. Not too shabby.

Here are a few highlights from 2010 that I don’t want to forget:

One armed workouts and GHD sit ups as I recovered from shoulder surgery

Moving from the 18″ to the 24″ box jump

Completing the Modesto half-marathon in 2 hours 9 minutes and 40 seconds

A fantastic road trip to CrossFit Portland, SnoRidge, and Salt Lake City

My first Rx Fran

Hiking to the “Tunnel of Light” Project APE cache

Becoming a high school varsity football official and wrestling referee

Completing my first 2 pood KB WOD

Doing a big tire WOD by myself

Moving up to the 20# medicine ball (must embrace the suck!)

Learning to do a real overhead squat

My first unassisted handstand

Passing the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification test

Finishing a WOD with a 6:59 mile PR

20 fabulous years married to the best wife ever!