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Gym Length Bear Crawl

20 Back Extensions

20 Toy Soldiers

Gym Length Duck Walk

10 Pushups

10 Lunge Torso Twists

Gym Length Spider Man Walk


For Time (15 Minute CAP)

20 Hang Snatch 105/73lbs.

60 Plank Pushes

60 Second Plank Hold

30 Hang Cleans 105/73lbs.

90 Mountain Climbers

90 Second Plank Hold

Rest 2 Minutes

For Time (10 Minute CAP)


Push Press 105/73lbs.

Air Squats x2

Barbell Pushups

Lateral Jumps x3

*Anytime the barbell touches the floor before each lift is

completed, complete 5 burpees before picking the bar back up

**Post 2 separate times

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Stretch Hip Flexor and Shoulders