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Group Hip Mobility and Warm Up

Front Squat Review

3 sets of 10 front squats add load to each set


Front Squats @ 70% of 1 rep max

Every 2 minutes for 10 Minutes

5 Fronts Squats (hold 15 seconds at the bottom of rep 5, you must stand up the last rep for the set to be completed)

Post weight used

Followed by….

For Time (25 Minute CAP)


Squat Clean Thruster 95/63lbs.

Step Ups 95/63lbs. 18in. (you are not allowed to drop the barbell behind you when reps are completed of each set)


Walking Thrusters 115/83lbs.

Box Jump Overs 18in.


Thrusters 135/93lbs.

Burpee Box Jumps 18in.

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Roll IT Bands and Quads

A big shout out to Dan Burch for adding an overall total of 120# to his lifts post shoulder surgery. He came in for the CrossFit Total with a goal of 600# and beat it  with a Total of 705#. Dan started CrossFit with Scott over 5 years ago not even able to run or do a box jump. It was a feat to do an OH Squat with a PVC pipe and now he is running marathons, lifting more weight than most guys his age and beating all of his personal records on wods.  Dan has beat all odds and it has been a wonderful experience to watch how far he has come, your determination is the reason for your success!