First Impressions

Okay, I can hear it now… “I can’t even do a lot of workouts Rx’d! How am I supposed to compete???”. For some reason, we see the videos on or on other websites. We see certain people in our own gym, as well as other gyms in the area, and we think that the only people to participate in CrossFit competitions are inhuman beasts that breath fire and sweat steel. We have seen the CrossFit Games on ESPN. Maybe we have even been to a local CrossFit competition. All too often we get caught up in the idea that in order to participate in these events, you must have already achieved an elite level of fitness. This is not the case!

The Truth

How many of you would look at a local 5k race and tell yourself, “I don’t stand a chance against those guys out there running a 16 minute 5k. I may as well just stay home!”. Hopefully none of you! For some reason, we have gotten past the “must win” mentality, and we enter events like a local 5k or mud run just for the fun of the event. We go for the atmosphere, we go for the camaraderie, we go to be with our friends, whatever our reasons may be, we go because its fun! Why then, should we get overwhelmed by the prospect of a CrossFit event? All of the same positive aspects are present, along with the added benefit that you already do this stuff daily anyways! We should be going to CrossFit events because it is fun!

The CrossFit Games Open 2012 at CrossFit ParaBellum

The Open

Starting March 6, 2013 the CrossFit Games Open is a world-wide CrossFit Competition(or event, if that makes you more comfortable) that is ran through the CrossFit Games website. “The Open” as it has come to be called, is actually 5 events over 5 weeks. Every Wednesday, CrossFit HQ will announce the Open workout for that week. You will have until Sunday to submit your score on the Open website. You will be able to track your own progress over the 5 weeks as well as that of anyone else that is actively participating in the Open. You can compare scores an stats with anyone in the world! While it is true that CrossFit uses The Open to find the fittest athletes in the world and invite them to regional competitions, that does not mean that only the fittest should participate. Just like any other sporting event that is open to the public, everyone is welcome. Come for the workout, come for the camaraderie, come for the fun! Here at CrossFit ParaBellum, we will be hosting the Open workouts every Saturday at 9am. These workouts will be judged and have their scores verified, just like in any other competition. What you must understand is, while we do take this very seriously, and we will be very strict on movement standards, we encourage anyone and everyone to participate no matter your ability level.We will do whatever is necessary to accommodate all ability levels.

Registration is only $20 per athlete. Just go to to register (you do not have to be a member of our gym to register). In order to participate in the Saturday morning Open workouts during this 5 weeks, you must be registered as a participant on the CrossFit Games website. When you register, don’t forget to join the CrossFit ParaBellum team! This will help us keep track of all of our athletes. We will also be looking for volunteers to help with these events, especially judges, but other positions will be helpful as well. We will be kicking off the Open on Saturday March 9, with the workout at 9am, followed by a workout for the kids and a Paleo Pot-Luck! Bring your family and friends, it will be a great time!