Water Chestnuts


Carrots (shredded)

Red Cabbage (shredded)

White Onion (chopped)

Bean Sprouts

Red and Yellow Bell Peppers (chopped)

Zucchini (sliced)

Pre-cooked chopped chicken



Coconut Aminos

Sesame chile oil


Heat up coconut oil in a pan, once the oil is melted and at medium high heat add the onions/bell peppers.  Once the onions and bell peppers are half way cooked add the carrots till soft.  Then add the remainder of the veggies, pre-cooked chicken and the sauce (add as much sauce as you desire for taste).   For about 1 minute add in the cashews to blend flavors.

It’s ready to serve, Enjoy!

Everyone is sure to love and it’s super easy to make.