Three years ago I turned 45 and my blood pressure was starting to rise. I knew I needed to make changes; the higher blood pressure was due to excess weight, poor eating habits and little to no physical exercise. For the next two years I worked off and on with a personal trainer and took private tennis lessons. The personal trainer was good but the gym atmosphere was humiliating for me. I just wanted to get my workout done and instead I felt as if I were part of a Saturday Night Live skit of an over weight middle aged lady trying to get fit. It was never going to happen.

Then I was invited to try crossfit. What a difference. I’ve been attending classes for the last nine months. In that time I have lost 33 pounds, my blood pressure is normal and my two teenage daughters have joined me. We eat differently because we know we will be asking our bodies to push their limits. We feel differently because we are accomplishing challenging physical feats five days a week. My favorite part is the camaraderie of the gym. Everyone there is there to get the job done, we workout together and cheer each other on.

This summer we went on vacation for two and a half weeks. We attended several different workout facilities and came to the conclusion; Renee and Scott run the friendliest, cleanest and well equipped gym. Thanks Renee and Scott for facilitating healthy changes in our lives.


Karen Hillis