As all of you have no doubt noticed, we have been growing at a steady rate from the day we opened our doors. Recently we have had a large influx of new members at our facility, and have officially passed the 100 member mark. This has brought with it some growing pains. It has also brought with it a fantastic energy that can be felt as soon as you walk in the door. We love the enthusiasm that new members bring to our classes. We at CFPB take notice of all that happens around us and are taking steps to deal with the growth that we are experiencing. This means that you will be seeing some changes in the near future. Following you will read what some of these changes are. All of these are in an effort to provide you with a better quality training experience every time you come in to train. For those of you that don’t know, Renee and I put pretty much everything we make straight back in to the gym. That being said, If you have concerns, you have every right, and the responsibility to bring it to the attention of your coach. Without your feedback, we never know what you are thinking.

Think about your class time

This one is a change on your part, many of you have noticed that 5 and 6PM are our most popular class times. That is great, we love a crowded gym. However, some of you will benefit greatly from being in a class that allows you a little more attention from your coach. Please consider attending one of our less crowded class times. We really like having an open format that allows you to attend what ever class you want, but if we have to limit our class sizes, we will. If your schedule allows, please consider attending 5:30AM, 4PM, or 7PM. All of these classes have plenty of room.

New Equipment

For those of you that have noticed that we are running short on equipment from time to time, have no fear! We have already ordered quite a bit more and it should be arriving any day now. This does not mean that there will not be any workouts where you may be required to share equipment, run heats, or improvise in some other way. We will continue to do our best to constantly improve our equipment inventory. If you find that a piece of equipment is not in functional condition, it is your responsibility to bring it to the attention of your coach, we will either fix it or replace it.

More Coaches

Yes, you will see some new faces helping train classes in the near future. They will not be strangers, however. The family atmosphere in our facility is very important to us, and in that spirit, our trainers will be part of that family. We have some very capable athletes in our gym that are working on becoming capable coaches. Our goal is to maintain no more than a 15 to 1 ratio between students and coaches. This means that our more popular classes will have two coaches. This is for your benefit and safety. That means you will have another person to ask questions to, have evaluate your movement, and keep an eye on you when you are working out. Remember, however that your safety is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. When you come to your foundations class, we teach you proper movement for your safety. We teach you how your body works, for your safety. It is up to you to remember what you are taught, and perform the movements properly, for your safety. If you require someone to watch your every move, you need a personal trainer, not a coach. It will be $70 per hour, let me know if you are interested. For those of you that may be wondering… No we have not had a rash of injuries lately, this is just a gentle reminder.

Class layout

We will still have our Warm Up, Buy In, WOD, and Cash Out. What will change is that you will need to show up early to do your warm up. At the start of the class, we will be doing group instructional work as part of our Buy In. If you show up right at the start of class, you will have to just jump in without your warm up. If you are late, do your burpees, then join the class. This is when we will introduce new movements, and practice skill work. The WOD will still be much the same as it is now. The Cash Out will still be required, and will include daily mobility work.


First things first. We value loyalty, and as such, if you are a current member in good standing, you will not be affected by this rate change. All current members will be grandfathered in at the old rates. That being said, our growing numbers and a growing demand for an improved experience has necessitated an increase in our overhead costs. To ensure that we are able to continue improving the product that we provide, we will be raising our training rates. Effective immediately, all NEW members will come in at the new rates. These new rates have been designed to help offset increasing costs, while ensuring that we are still the most affordable place in the central valley to do CrossFit. The increase will be $20 across the board. Standard rates will be $149 month to month, no contract. 12 month contract will be $119 monthly. 12 months paid in full will be $1190. Public safety, Student, and Family rates will all change accordingly. We felt this to be a better alternative to our other options, which included limiting the number of people in each class, or limiting the number of classes you are allowed to attend. If you have any questions, please direct them to Renee or myself.

We love our members, and are extremely proud of how far all of you have come. These changes will be for the benefit of everyone. Please be patient as they will be implemented over the next month or two. Thank you for the chance to be a part of your lives!


Scott Sedgwick