All you need is:

Ribs (3 Racks of Ribs from Costco for $30)

Pappy’s Seasoning

Garlic Pepper

Olive Oil

2 Cookie Sheets

and One Oven

Preheat oven to 275, put 1.5 Racks of Ribs on each cookie sheet and brush olive oil over all the ribs.  Then rub ribs thoroughly with Pappy’s Seasoning and Garlic Pepper (which you can also get at Costco).  Place in the oven for about 4 hours or until your able to pull the meat off the bones easily.

As for the Sweet Potato Fries you will need:

Sweet Potato’s, peeled and chopped into long chunks

Olive Oil

Garlic Pepper


Cookie Sheet

After you’ve peeled and cut the potato’s into fries, place in a bowl with a liberal amount of olive oil to coat and sprinkle desired amount of garlic pepper and salt.  Place spread out on a cookie sheet for 25 minutes at 325.  Half way through flip the fries so that both sides are done well and 5 minutes before they are done turn on the broiler to get them golden brown to your desire.

We took out the ribs and covered with foil while the fries were baking and they stayed warm enough to serve.

This meal is super yummy with an artichoke or balsamic cucumbers and carrots.