Katie and Madeline decided that instead of writing a regular old testimonial, they wanted to write a rap. So we had them perform their song, and we got it on video! Here it is, enjoy!

And, here are the lyrics!

I was at CrossFit

’bout a week ago

I was doing one rep max

Dropped the bar on my toe

Going on to Burpees

Just doing my thing

Clappin’ at the top

Jayden’s hanging on the rings

We be doing kettlebells

till our bodies drop n’ roll

Don’t take a break,

Remember air is optional

We do Barbara, Chelsea, Cindy, Diane, Eva, Angie, Elizabeth, Fran, Grace, Helen, even Jackie

We do Isabel, Karen, Kelly, Linda, Lynn, and Nancy

Not to mention Nicole, Mary, and the famous Annie

We do Roy, Michael, Murph, Daniel, Josh, Jason, Badger, J.T., D.T., Joshie, Nate, Griff, Ryan, Erin, don’t forget Randy.

There’s Mr. Joshua, Danny, Hansen, Tyler, McGhee, Paul, Garrett, War Frank, Jerry, then there’s Tommy V.

And there’s one more hero that we may be forgettin’

Known in the CrossFit world as Steven

But it is spelled Stephen

I squat to the box

Homies cheerin’ me on

got the bar overhead

and I am almost done

CrossFit ParaBellum

Try to get fifteen sub

Yo, its not for pansies

Like at the Brenda Club

My wallballs are killer

my kip is real smooth

Get under my cleans

and I lift with no shoes

my extensions are parallel

Got my vibrams for runnin’

my pullups are awesome

Lizard walks are stunnin’

and my L-sits,

Well, they look more like a J.