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Come join us for “Partners”! A fundraiser WOD in support of fallen CHP Officers Juan Gonzalez and Brian Law. Click on the picture for a full size version of the flyer, and CLICK HERE to register!


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We could sit here and talk all day about how great our program is, and how it will change your life. The truth is, you will not really understand until you come try it. We want everyone to have a chance to come in for a free intro workout. No pressure, no commitments, just come check it out and see if you like it.

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What people are saying about CFPB…

Traci Liston – Crossfit Parabellum has helped me improve my all around fitness level with their encouraging training style and paying attention to my individual progress to eliminate plateaus. Read More…

Dan Burch – CrossFit changed my life for the better. It’s difficult to explain to others how CF is not “just a workout” and a CF box is not “just a gym”. To me CrossFit is a choice, a choice to be more self reliant, more self confident, and much less self-effacing . Donna, Sam and I have always been close and our shared experience with CrossFit has brought us even closer. CF has changed me in more ways than I could possibly describe or recount. However if I tried I’d say CrossFit has radically changed my health, mental outlook, nutrition, relationships, hobbies (not to mention vacation plans), values and mindset. Not too shabby. Read More…